WCMX Chair

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WCMX Chair


After ten years of crash test dummies, this is the only chair you can trust at the skate park.

Not designed for the faint-hearted, the WCMX chair will survive crashes, stacks, double back flips and do it all again – just ask Nitro Circus’ Aaron ‘Wheelz’ Fotherinham.

Fox air shocks allow you to jump down a three metre drop and land it as smooth as a 10” drop.

With easy access to caster pintle bolts, you can quickly interchange your standard day castors with high performance skate castors. Why buy two chairs when you can get away with one?

Spinergy Wheels

Exclusive to Push Mobility and Mike Box, spinergy wheels have a unique lace style spoke system. The overlapping spokes are designed to withhold impact without compromising the wheel. Spinergy wheels look nothing like any other wheel has looked before. You have eight colours to choose from, including multi-selection.

Fox Suspension

For over three decades, Fox has been the industry leader in the design and devlopment of high performance shock absorbers and race suspension. Fox has been welcomed up into the wacky world of WCMX.


Mike Box works with one of the best powder coaters in California offering hundreds of colour options from matte, gloss or metallic flake finishes. If you have a dream colour concept we will work with you to achieve it!

Seating & Upholstery

If you have a fabric on hand that you would like to have on your backrest, the Mike Box team can make it happen. Football colours or maybe even military design, it’s all possible! ADI is offered as standard on the Mike Box Suspension chairs with the full range available.

Mike Box Designs operate under the mantra “If you can dream it, we can build it!” This being said, Mike Box Designs only teams up with the best equipment manufacturers in the industry, to ensure you get a chair of uncompromised quality & superior craftsmanship.

Technical Specifications

Reinforced Box Frame
Fox Suspension Air Shocks
Front Seat Height 12 ” – 22″
Back Rest Height 10″ – 22″
Seat Depth 8″ – 22″
Seat Width 8″ – 22″
Total Chair Width 22″ (15 x 15)
Centre of Gravity 0″ – 7″ (adjustable)
Inside Wheel Clearance 0.25″ – 2.0″
Footrest Width Standard or Taper
Cambers 0° – 20°
Side Guards
Aluminium Welded Standard
Removable Plastic
Removable Aluminium
Removable Carbon Fibre
Back Rests    
Non-Adustable with Leather
Tension-Adjustable with Leather
ADI Carbon Fibre with Active Contour
ADI Carbon Fibre with Deep Contour
Custom Embroidery Available
ADI Disc Brakes
D’s Locks
Scissor Locks
Push Locks

Foot Plates
Black Plastic
Diamond Plate
Aluminium Diamond Plate
Flared Sides
Flared Back
Silver Anodized
Black Anodized
Blax Knarled
Vinyl Coated
Q Grip
Foam Coated
Natural Fit Regular Oval and Thumb Guard
Natural Fit Regular with Super Grip Oval and Thumb Guard
Natural Fit Light Oval and Thumb Guard
Natural Fit Light with Super Grip
Surge Handrims
High Endurance Frogs Legs


Skate Wheel Anti-Tip Bar (Fixed or Removable)
Push Handles (Fixed or Removable)
Cargo Net
Leg Strap
Plastic Drink Holder
Aluminium Drink Holder
Wheelchair Torch

1 Profile Box WCMX 2 Box WCMX Side 5 Box WCMX Helmet Profile


wheelz push mobility

wheelz push mobility

5 Shocks Close Up



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