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Light and extremely good value, this is definitely not just another chair!
Otherwise known as the jewel and crown, the Jac is one of the lightest and practical chairs on the market with everything you would expect from a quality Mogo product. The Jac with a fixed axel state can weigh in as little as 9kg complete with wheels, side guards, brakes and cushion.
  • Minimal bar frame
  • Fixed or quick release folding backrest.
  • Fixed or adjustable axle
  • Rear wheels 20” to 27” double walled alloy.
  • Hard anodised push rims (no more getting your hands dirty)
  • Front wheels standard or Frogs Legs.
  • Camber degrees available – 2, 4, 6 and 8
  • Seat width, depth and backrest height no min or max
  • Colours – Over 2000 colour options and combinations available.
  • Upholstery, the backrest is the highest quality 420D denier sail cloth, tension strap adjustable.
  • Optional ceramic bearings. Ceramic offer a reduction in force and reduces the friction and rolling resistance. Go faster longer.

Technical Specifications

Front Seat Height 12 ” – 22″
Back Rest Height 10″ – 22″
Seat Depth 8″ – 22″
Seat Width 8″ – 22″
Total Chair Width 22″ (15 x 15)
Centre of Gravity 0″ – 7″ (adjustable)
Inside Wheel Clearance 0.25″ – 2.0″
Footrest Width Standard or Taper
Cambers 0° – 20°
Side Guards
Aluminium fixed or welded
lightweight plastic fixed or removable
lightweight alloy sandwich fixed or removable
Back Rests    
Tension-Adjustable with Leather as STD
Custom Embroidery
ADI Carbon Fibre with Active Contour
ADI Carbon Fibre with Deep Contour
Out front composit scissor
ADI Disc Brakes
D’s Locks
Push Locks

Foot Plates
Black Plastic
Diamond Plate
Aluminium Diamond Plate
Flared Sides
Flared Back
Silver Anodized
Black Anodized
Blax Knarled
Vinyl Coated
Q Grip
Foam Coated
Natural Fit Regular Oval and Thumb Guard
Natural Fit Regular with Super Grip Oval and Thumb Guard
Natural Fit Light Oval and Thumb Guard
Natural Fit Light with Super Grip
Surge Handrims
Half Fork
Frog Legs


T5 package which includes Spinergy LX wheels, composit brakes, Frogslegs unitune forks, side guards and 2″ Casters.
Push Handles (Fixed or Removable)
Skate wheel Anti-tip bar (fixed or removable)
Cargo Net
Leg Strap
Plastic Drink Holder
Aluminium Drink Holder
Wheelchair Torch

2 Side Mogo Red 1 Profile Mogo Red


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