Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyre

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Marathon Plus 24″, 25″ or 26″ tyres.

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Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evo Wheelchair Tyre

The Marathon has become the absolute benchmark for puncture-proof pneumatic tires on the wheelchair. Now the all-new version comes again with improved rolling resistance.

In addition, the SmartGuard protection belt is made from a proportion of recycled natural rubber. The “anti-aging” sidewall construction can withstand the typical overloading from insufficient inflation pressure for much longer. Also with the dynamic new profile and new look label.


The most efficient protection belt there is for bike tires. In other words: flatless. Solid, 5mm thick layer of highly flexible special rubber provides permanent protection. Also in the case of embedded objects. Even thumbtacks are no problem for this tire.

Wheelchair Technology

Schwalbe is the only maker to design pneumatic tires specifically for wheelchair users. Our solutions:

2Grip. Hand-friendly tires. The side walls are completely smooth, so the tires glide silkily past the hands. Patent protected and standard on all Schwalbe wheelchair tires.

Flat-less. SmartGuard puncture protected wheelchair tires combine the comfort and light running of pneumatic tires with the puncture protection of PU tires.

Black’n Roll. Wheelchairs with black tires? Schwalbe has made it possible. We developed a special Black’n Roll compound that does not leave unsightly marks on indoor floors. Additionally it is far more robust and much longer lasting.


  • Size: 24″x1″, 25″x1″ or 26″x1″
  • Type: Wired
  • Compound: Black’n Roll
  • Execution: SmartGuard
  • Color: Black-Reflex
  • Skin: Twin
  • Weight: 500g (18oz) – 570g (20oz)
  • Pressure: 6.00 – 10.00 Bar (85 – 145 psi)
  • Maximum load: 60kg – 65kg
  • EPI: 67
  • Profile: HS440

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24" x 1" (25-540), 25" x 1" (25-559), 26" x 1" (25-590)


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