Mogo GJX

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Want an extreme chair for extreme sports? The GJX is for you!

This revolutionary design offers dual suspension giving phenomenal shock absorption and enabling a well-balanced, smooth ride. No matter what the wheeling conditions the GJX will take the shock out of any bump or jump. With over 2000 colour and body art options the GJX can be made to suit your personality.

Standard features

  • Minimal bar frame
  • Fixed or quick release folding backrest
  • Fixed or adjustable axle
  • Rear wheels 20” to 27” double walled alloy
  • Hard anodised push rims (no more getting your hands dirty)
  • Front wheels standard or Frogs Legs
  • Camber degrees available – 2, 4, 6 and 8
  • Seat width, depth and backrest height no min or max
  • Colours – Over 2000 colour options and combinations available
  • Upholstery, the backrest is the highest quality 420D denier sail cloth, tension strap adjustable.
  • Ceramic bearings, as standard. Ceramic offer a reduction in force and reduces the friction and rolling resistance. Go faster longer.


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