Mobi-Mat® Beach Access Matting

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Push Mobility is Australia’s leading distributor and retailer of Mobi-Mat® beach access matting and the 2 minute rapid setup and storage device Mobi-Roll ‘N Stow®. Make no mistake, these are the worlds leading beach accessibility products for good reason.

Portable Beach Access Pathway

Mobi-Mat® RecPath™ is a portable and removable rollout beach access mat for pedestrians, wheelchair users, strollers, bicycles and light all terrain vehicles – available in connectable lengths of 5 to 30 metres for ultimate configurability.

  • The leading brand of beach matting available world-wide
  • Firm, safe, cool and stable for all wheelchairs, mobility scooters, prams and ATVs
  • Lab tested, long lasting and made of 100% recycled PET bottles
  • Self-maintaining design, remains on top of the sand at all times
  • Available in 5m to 30 interconnecting lengths
  • Rapid 2 minute setup and pack up time using Mobi-Roll ‘N Stow®
  • Wheels wont get stuck as they do when turning on slat based products
  • Can be installed as a temporary or permanent pathway
  • Available in accessibility pathway compliant widths of 1.53m or 1.98m
  • Super thin, highly engineered design makes storage a breeze!
  • Serviceable design and life expectancy of 10+ years


ADA Compliant
Easy for any type of wheelchair, stroller or walker to maneuver on providing a smooth continuous surface without gaps or awkward slats. Mobi-Mat is firm, safe and stable.

Environmentally Friendly
Mobi-Mat® RecPath™ contributes to the environment by utilising 100% recycled plastics. By directing your Mobi-Mat® along designated areas, you will also protect sensitive sand dunes and reduce erosion.

Safe and Cool Pathway
When installed correctly, Mobi-Mat® offers a unique gap free (and slat free) design to ensure wheelchair castors do not become stuck or damaged from high exposure to salty sand. As a result of the clever 3D weave design, the surface remains cool and comfortable for use with bare feet or for handicapped users with sensitive feet.Beach Access Mat in Williamstown, Victoria

Lightweight and Easy Installation
Mobi-Mat® offers an unparalleled low profile and light-weight design, facilitating installation and retrieval of a 50m long section in as little as 2 minutes performed by one person when using Mobi-Roll ‘N Stow®, or 10 minutes without.

Low Maintenance – Will not sink!
Unlike low priced competitor products, Mobi-Mat® will not sink into the sand with normal use. More than 10 years of refinements by French manufacturer Deschamps has resulted in a unique permeable structure that allows sand to filter through the mat. If being installed permanently, a weekly sweep is all that’s required to keep Mobi-Mat® looking great!

Mobi-Mat® is now available in Australia from as little as AUD$2,850 although this largely depends on the length and width of the matting required. Please speak to a Push Mobility beach accessibility specialist for a free assessment of your beach, and an appropriate price estimation.


 Mobi-Roll ‘N Stow®

The perfect companion to Mobi-Mat® and our hard working lifesavers, Mobi-Roll ‘N Stow® enables rapid installation and retrieval of a 50m long section in as little as 2 minutes! This product can be operated manually, or coupled to a vehicle for towing.

Roll and Stow device for Mobi-Mat Beach Matting

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Contact one of our beach accessibility specialists for more information, a free beach assessment and pricing.

Please contact us for beach storage options.

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