Lasher Sport BT-X

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The all new BT-X combines everything you’d expect from a Lasher Sport chair; durability, good looks, functionality, and uncompromising quality – and adds one more never-before-seen element, interchangeability. The BT-X was designed for the user who does it all. In everyday mode, the BT-X runs Spinergy LX wheels with high pressure, high performance tires in the rear and Frog Legs forks with soft roll casters on the front. In Multi-Terrain mode, the BT-X runs Spinergy SLX wheels with Schwalbe Nobby Nic tires in the rear and Frog Legs forks with 6″ x 1.5″ soft roll casters rotated forward on the frame. In Beach mode, the BT-X runs custom built 4″ wide wheels with Beach tires in the rear and 9″ x 5″ balloon tires rotated forward of the frame for extra stability and flotation on sand.

Changing the chair from an everyday chair to a beach chair or a multi-terrain chair takes only 5 minutes and uses no tools. Simply remove the push button quick release rear wheels and replace them with the beach wheels or multi-terrain wheels– pre-set at the Lasher Sport shop to have adequate clearance between the tires and seat. Then, remove the front caster assembly using the quick release flip-lock levers and replace with the beach wheel caster assembly or multi-use caster assembly. That’s it… you’re ready to go!

Since the BT-X is designed to use different tire and caster combinations, there isn’t the problem of chair geometry changing between wheel sets. The seat angle or ‘dump’ is designed to be the same with every wheel set. However, the over all seat height raises an inch in the front and rear of the chair in beach mode and in multi-terrain mode to allow more clearance over objects.

Switching your chair from one mode to another can be done at home, or if you’re traveling, it can be done in a hotel room, in a car, at the beach, or anywhere that is convenient.

The base BT-X comes with a fixed center of gravity. However, if you would like to have an adjustable center of gravity, you can choose either the Mg-A style adjustable center of gravity, or the Mg-AS style adjustable center of gravity with suspension.

If you enjoy traveling, taking your extra set of wheels with you is easy and useful. Using the Lasher Sport X-Trailer, you can tow your beach wheel set or multi-terrain wheel set behind your chair. The X-Trailer is also designed to carry a standard sized airline carry on bag. The X-Trailer can be taken through TSA security and to your gate at the airport and can stored under the plane at the gate, making carrying your wheels and gear around the airport convenient and easy.

The Lasher Sport BT-X– never before has one chair offered so much versatility and useability.

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