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Simply the Best, extreme and superlight

In creating this wheelchair, we have fused state-of-the-art technology and design to create a highly dynamic rigid wheelchair for independent active users and trendsetters.
With the name The KSL, Küschall combines the K, a symbol for küschall® quality and design with “SL”, for Super Light.

A super light wheelchair

Using special techniques such as welding, the Küschall-Team have made the sleek and dynamic design of The KSL priority, not only keeping unseemly parts to a minimal but reducing the weight of the chair to in its standard configuration to less than 7kg.

A Masterpiece in Wheelchair Art

The minimal design of The KSL not only makes it one of the lightest chair on the market, but gives it a designer feel of lightweight and elegance. The frame colours “black matt” and “ivory white” highlight the simplicity of this wheelchair, also available with the other colours of the Küschall range. The KSL is also offered with a wide range of options, such as the Küschall Carbon Wheel -the lightest wheel on the market.

You can fold me now

The foldable angle adjustable backrest option gives to The KSL users even more freedom. It is a practical solution for all active users who want the rigidity, precision and driving performance of The KSL, in combination with a compact wheelchair. The new foldable backrest also clicks into place and enables both easier storage and transfer possibilities, aspects of life which are especially important for active users.

The KSL is designed to fit the variety of personalities in striving to obtain the utmost in quality and performance.
No longer just an aide, The KSL is a trend statement. Come experience the drive and convince yourself!


Specifications – Küschall KSL

Seat width:

34 – 42 cm (in increments of 2 cm)

Seat depth:

37.5 – 47.5 cm (in increments of 2.5 cm)

Seat height:

front: 45 – 51 cm, rear: 40 – 48 cm (in increments of 1 cm)

Backrest height:

27 – 39 cm (in increments of 1.5 cm)

Knee-to-heel length:

40 – 48 cm (in increments of 1 cm)

Backrest angle:


Total width (with 3° camber):

SW + 17 cm

Total length:

75°: 83 cm, 90°: 76 cm

Total weight unloaded:

Approx. 6,7 kg

Max. user weight:

100 kg

Transport weight w/out rear wheels,

Approx. 4,5 kg

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