Küschall Champion

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Push Mobility is Australia’s leading provider of Kuschall wheelchairs in Australia!

Kuschall Champion key features.

  • Very sleek designed folding wheelchair that looks and drives like a rigid chair.
  • Huge amount of adjustability in the chair in backrest angle, leg length, rear and front seat height, back angle, centre of gravity and much more.
  • User weight limit of 125kg
  • Total chair weight of 9.2kg!!!! (Lightest available folding Kuschall folding wheelchair)
  • Transport weight of only 6.7kg (Great option for wheelchair users with reduced strength)
  • 2 scriptable front end angles. 75 and 85 degrees
  • Max 18″ seat width
  • approx. 6 week delivery time.


Kuschall have an amazing range of chairs and there is no other like the Kuschall Champion. This is a folding wheelchair that DOES NOT look like a folding wheelchair. The Champion has a unique folding mechanism that is easy to open and close simply by pulling on a string. When in open set up the Kuschall Champion looks like a rigid chair and feels like one too. The ride performance is outstanding!

The team at Push Mobility have a range of demo sizing available in the Kuschall Compact.

To book a trial contact the Push team. 1300 721 328


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