The Invacare® Matrx® MX2 Back — Designed for active users who demand the best. Carbon fiber specially engineered to provide unmatched stability for peak performance.

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This “barely there” back is designed to offer unmatched comfort, support and peak performance. Thanks to new hardware options, sizes and cutouts, the MX2 back provides more adjustability than ever before. Carbon fiber Fixed Mount hardware provides the ultimate in suspension for shock absorption, tone control and a comfortable ride. Quick-release hardware features popular Mini-Set brackets for ease of adjustment and portability. The solid carbon fiber back shell is contoured for optimal fit and support, and cutouts reduce weight and buildup of heat and moisture. Your most active users will appreciate the new 6″ back height.

Back Shell – Carbon fibers oriented to provide flex and suspension

– Shaped for perfect fit, maximum stability for function

– Cutouts for breathability

– Slotted for easy height adjustment

– Ultra-lightweight

Models & Sizes – 14″, 15″, 16″,17″ & 18″ wide x 6″, 9″, 12″, 16” high

– Breathable Spacetex cover, 9″ and higher models with leatherette side panels

– Includes sacral/lumbar positioning pad – Optional privacy flap available

Hardware Options

– Height, depth, angle and rotation adjustable for precise positioning

– Width adjustable to fit chairs 1″ wider or narrower than back width

– Fixed Mount Hardware – constructed with carbon fiber plate for added suspension, minimum weight

– Quick Release Hardware – allows easy removal for portability


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